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Cafe Task

Hidden in a high-rise office tower, Cafe Task is popular among office workers for its take-out coffees. The reasonably-priced drinks (NT$55-80/16 oz. cup) here include coffees, milk, teas, and sparkling water, and can be enjoyed with snacks like scones (NT$25-38) and Cheese Tarts (NT$40). If you have the time to sit down, this cafe is famed for its six different panoramic views of the city, which can be enjoyed into the evening hours. You may take in the wonderful nightscapes while enjoying handmade pizzas (NT$100-150), croissant sandwiches (NT$85-90) and freshly-baked Gold Pot Waffles (NT$90-120), topped with fresh fruit, butter and cheese, and great as a one-person snack. Because this cafe only serves drinks in to-go cups, you might consider being environmentally-friendly and bringing your own mug!

南區忠明南路787號36樓 (04) 2265-9455
787, ZhongMing S Rd, 36F, South Dist
週一至五/Mon-Fri 10 am-8 pm
週六-日/Sat-Sun 11 am-8 pm

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