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Tanzih Tourist Orchid Garden

This spacious orchid garden near Taichung’s Intercontinental Baseball Stadium is filled with all sorts of orchids but is specifically famed for its display and sale of elegant-looking moth orchids. A special product sold here is a big orchid basket consisting of at least 30 orchid blossoms, arranged with special professional techniques to open outwards. Among other products are various sizes of orchid pots and single orchids, trimmed by gardeners. Orchids come in a wide range of varieties and colors, including red, yellow, white, purple, pink, ink-dotted and striped, and there are many artistic moth orchid arrangements. With so much on offer, this venue attracts a steady flow of visitors and customers wanting to give orchids as gifts.

(04) 2532-8116
8, Lane 89, DaFeng 1st Rd, Tanzi Dist
9 am-6 pm 全年無休

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Written by 革叡 Rachel An


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