J-Lin Dental Clinic

From our archives, Compass Magazine, Feb. 2002

J-lin Dental Clinic is working hard to change people’s image of a dental office. The examination chairs are made of soft leather. In front of each station is a large photograph of a scenic, natural spot, meant to put the patient at ease. The waiting area features a variety of magazines, New Age music and soft lighting. Add to all of this professional, experienced staff and the latest equipment, and you may be left wondering if this is a place you can afford. The answer is yes, as this clinic accepts National Health Insurance cards. In addition to general dental service, this clinic offers a tooth-whitening procedure. J-lin is also one of the few dental clinics in town to import equipment from Europe for inserting a crystal piece into a tooth. For those who would like to have a bright, dazzling smile, this is something to look into.

190, Da Duen (Ta Tun) 10th Street

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