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Jia Yo Jan (Gas Station) Congee

From our archives, Compass Magazine, Feb. 2002

By Yian Chi

Among the cafeterias surrounding Feng Chia University, Jia Yo Jan is one of the smallest, but also one of the most well-known. Many students and families come here because it is fast, convenient and there is a large selection of dishes. Most of the food is cooked by the owner himself and includes vegetable, meat and fish dishes. The selection changes daily, so it is not easy to get tired of eating here. Since it is located in an area highly populated with university students, the prices are also very reasonable. Food is calculated according to weight, so a person may spend NT$40 to NT$80, depending on his/her appetite. The most popular dishes are the kung pao chicken, pigs knuckle, stir-fried beef and pork and squash combination.

278, Shi Tuen (Hsi Tun) Rd., sec. 2

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