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Maya Rize Tea

From our archives, Compass Magazine, Jan. 2002

This very large, swanky-looking tea house/restaurant is located on the corner of the five-way Hankou/Hsitun intersection in a building previously used by Miami Pub and, later, Van Gogh Cafe. Maya Rize, which runs another large coffee-and-tea near the Hankou/Chungteh intersection, has dedicated this place to tea-drinking. Literally dozens of teas are offered and range in price from NT$80 to NT$150. These include iced and hot green, black and milk teas, flower teas, fruit teas, and Western and Chinese herbal teas. Pointedly, no coffees are served, although juices are available. Snacks and meals are served, including Chinese and Cantonese-style snacks, sandwiches and toast, hot pot selections (beef, chicken and lamb from NT$220), and various noodles (about NT$150). Throughout the day, about seven types of set rice dishes–curry pork, beef stew and so on–are available (from NT$160) and there are other special meals during 11 am-2 pm lunch times and 5 pm-9:30 pm dinners. Limited parking is available in front of the establishment.

106, Han Kou Road, section 2

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