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The Riverside

From our archives, Compass Magazine, Jan. 2002

Written by ‘Paddyboy’ Patrick Coulter Translated by Sharon Yang

I was sitting at The Riverside inhaling a fish and chip platter while people continued talking about some Seattle band that played at the Space Needle party the night before. The bar was filling up and another big night seemed in the cards. Tonight was one of those can’t-miss nights at The Riverside. It was their one-year anniversary. After Jada (the owner) informed me of this momentous occasion, my mind started to flash-back like a sitcom tribute. I thought of all the good times over the past year and the memories all got muddled together in my head. To alleviate the situation, I ordered a whiskey from Mikey Mike, M.D. The headache ended abruptly but the evening had just begun. Following my unsuccessful bid to get the bartenders to roll back the prices to one year ago, I was in the mood to mingle. There was a football fanatic from Liverpool in an absolute uproar over the World Cup draw that had occured the previous week in South Korea. England had been drawn into the so-called Group of Death and he was looking for a sympathetic ear. I decided to pull out an old cliche and say, “You have to beat every team to win.” He gave me a look of disgust and stormed off to pitch his plight elsewhere. I quickly turned my attention to eavesdropping on two lovely ladies who were talking about a report that claimed that merely visualizing physical exercise is enough to stimulate muscle growth. This was just the news I needed to get stuck in for the night. The Riverside’s alluring decor was designed by a South African handyman that–Jada is quick to point out–has an eye for bars. The staff are friendly and the price is right. On the Paddyboy bar rating scale, The Riverside gets six Taiwan Beers out of a possible six. If you need a second opinion, just ask a regular at the bar named Scott Wood. He’ll fill you in on the rest. Have a cold one.

548, Hua Mei St.

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