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Warner Village (Tiger City, Taichung Central)

From our archives, Compass Magazine, Feb. 2002

In a worldwide first, this international chain of cinema complexes has simultaneously opened at two locations, inside of Taichung’s two malls. Both complexes seat a total of about 3,000, with eight screens in Tiger City and 10 in Taichung Central. High-quality seating and sound–together with an all-American snack bar selling hot dogs, nachos and other goodies–makes this a must for movie-goers. Warner doesn’t sell discounted tickets at outside shops like some competitors do, but offers a variety of attractive options. Tickets–which may also be purchased at the snack bar counter–are NT$200 all day Monday through Thursday and before 5 pm on Friday. Prices are NT$240 on Friday night and until 5 pm on Saturday, and NT$280 on Saturday nights and public holiday eves after 5 pm. Telephone booking will also be available soon. Within the next couple months, Warner also hopes to open another world first–an exclusive “Gold Class” five-star theater–in Tiger City.

4F, 186, Fu Shing (Fu Hsing) Road, section 4 (Taichung Central)

4-6F, 120-1, He Nan (Ho Nan) Road, section 3 (Tiger City)

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