Located in quiet, yet prospering, neighborhood, this old house is filled with savory coffee aromas. For his cafe’s name, owner Jimmy has creatively combined his street number and “spring” (chun) to mean “more than enough”. This hidden urban gem only serves desserts and coffees, made from coffee beans that the owner sources from local farms and personally roasts to create his own unique flavors. Syphon Single-Origin Coffee (NT$170/cup) is bursting with flavors, as described by one customer, who noted, “This cup of coffee awakes my palate and makes it yearn for more.” Kenya Coffee refrigerated for 12 hours has smooth wine-like flavor and desserts include the popular Whiskey-flavored Lemon Cheese Cake (NT$130), occasionally-offered Chiffon Cake (NT$130) and fruit tarts with handmade jam. Excellent, personalized service also makes every visitor feel like a VIP here.–By Chloe Chang Translated by Anna Yang

西區五權一街162巷2弄5號; 0970-979-347
5, Alley 2, Lane 162, WuQuan 1st St, West Dist
2-9 pm (週四休/closed Thu)

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