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Fu Chai Cantonese Restaurant

Near National Taichung Theater, this Cantonese restaurant is located on the third floor of a high-rise and doesn’t have a very large dining space, giving it the atmosphere of a private venue with various differently-sized private rooms.
Hong Kong banquet chef Yeh Zhi-guang uses his refined culinary skills to prepare Fu Chai’s exquisite, premium dishes, which attract many epicures and have enough variety to satisfy almost everyone. A time-intensive dish to prepare, Honeycomb Crispy Duck (NT$420) is marinated, deep-fried, simmered, deboned and then deep-fried again with mashed taro for a final result that is crispy outside crisp and tender and aromatic inside.
The unforgettable, flavorful Chef’s Golden Brick Beef Ribs (NT$580) is stewed with vegetables and soup for two hours and has the uniquely soft texture of broiled beef. The refreshing Fire Dragon Fruit and Shrimp Ball (NT$580) is made with seasonal dragon fruit, peas and green pepper, mixed with wine-marinated shrimp.
Other dining options include live seafood such as crabs and abalone as well as stir-fried vegetables, grilled duck, rice and noodle dishes, dim sum, shrimp dumplings, radish cakes, spring rolls and chicken’s feet. One more popular, delicate pastry dish that customers enjoy photographing is the Crisp Swan Pastry (NT$168 for two), prepared with two overlapping types of dough and stuffed with mushrooms, minced meat and taro.

西屯區市政北二路60號3樓 (04) 2259-4188
60, ShiZheng N 2nd Rd, 3F, Xitun Dist
11:30 am-3 pm, 5:30-10 pm

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