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GLO Breakfast

This breakfast shop stands apart from other traditional breakfast places with its impressive, striking interior design based on marble elements and three basic colors: black, white and gray. French windows illuminate the interior and gazing outside offers a view of IKEA directly opposite, making this a relaxing venue to enjoy a quality breakfast and linger afterwards. The menu here features burgers, sandwiches, thickly-sliced bread, light snacks, drinks and teppanyaki-style noodles. Among this selection, the shop’s most popular item is the irresistible Puff Pastry Eggroll (NT$50-60), which provides layers of crispy textures. Recommended drinks include fresh-brewed Black Tea (NT$30) and refreshing Jingxuan Tea with Milk (NT$30). For an extra NT$60, customers can upgrade food orders to a set meal, which includes french fries or salad and a NT$40 menu drink. –By Evangeline Lin Translated by Anna Yang

南屯區大墩十一街392號 (04) 2251-4623
392, DaDun 11th St, Nantun Dist
9 am-5 pm(最後供餐/last odrer 4 pm)
每人低消一份餐點/Minimum order of a meal per person

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