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Taichung gets a new mall: Showtime

For a very long time, the bulk of Taichung’s large-scale retail and entertainment centers have been restricted to Taiwan Boulevard area venues like Shinkong Mitsukoshi, Top City, Tiger City and SOGO malls and department stores. However, that recently changed with the brand-new, seven-floor Showtime cinema and shopping complex on WenXin South Road in Nantun District offering not only the city’s largest movie screen but a variety of entertainment and shopping options for the whole family. This has made it a hit since its June opening, with large groups waiting daily for the doors to open.
Showtime (which also has a Nanjing Road, East District complex next to Taichung Railway Station) offers 16 movie screens, although it is its 15 x 23 meter screen that is the greatest attraction, with movie goers coming early for the 9-10 a.m. matinee showings, available for a special NT$220 price. The well-equipped theaters, with comfortable seating well-distributed to take full advantage of surround-sound effects, have been near full capacity for the summer’s more popular films.
However, there is a lot more besides movies in the spacious building, decorated with a cool mix of luxurious and modern architectural styles that create an appealing atmosphere. The particular illumination given off by elegant chandeliers encourages visitor selfies and special decorative booths and displays, together with gold colors, generate an interesting ambiance for a relaxing walk through the premises.
The first retail stores opened in June and other major brands arrived in July, but the entire complex will be fully open in August and September. Surrounding the ticket counters on the sixth and seventh floors are several entertainment options, including a large screen near the stairs, attractive tables to rest at, virtual reality games and large candy stores offering snack and drink combos ranging from NT$260 to NT$840. The sixth floor also offers multicultural dining options, such as Dubuhouse (涓豆腐) Korean restaurant, MAiSEN’s Japanese cuisine (邁泉炸豬排), Chinese food at Kaifun Together (開飯川食堂), Ting Yuan Cantonese Restaurant (頂園港式料理) and Ado Thai Restaurant (阿杜皇家泰式料理).
The fifth floor offers a quieter, peaceful interactive area, thanks to Bookstore Petite Etude 小書房–divided into adults’ and childrens’ sections–with a beautiful and comfortable reading section decorated with colorful shelves, long tables and lamps, plus Chinese and English books displayed on organized shelves. The kids’ area’s appealing decorations, such as a yellow airplane over the story section, gives it a real charm. The fifth floor also offers Clayway store with a DIY area where professionals teach participants how to design and create luxury jewelry (NT$1,490-1,690).
The fourth floor focuses on children and, at its center, has a large mushroom house that is a favorite spot for taking cute photographs. The surrounding shops offer games and fun kids’ toys, although there is also a massage chair retailer that appeals more to adults and senior citizens. Another adorable touch is found in the children’s bathroom, with mini sinks and toilets next to normal-sized ones of parents plus a ceiling decorated with fluffy clouds and walls painted in cheerful bright colors.
The third floor is dedicated to sporting goods, clothing and accessories from famous global brands like Adidas, Nike, Runners, Reebox, Uniqlo, and 2×4 while the first and second floors are packed with a broad range of apparel, accessories and beauty product retailers, particularly those targeted at women. In addition to famous international fashion labels, there are also outfits from local designers such as Taiwan’s own Austin W. Finally, the basement houses a food court with a variety of culinary offerings and fare for every taste and budget. Attracting some of the longest lines is what is currently Taichung’s only Burger King.
With summer vacation well underway, this new movie theater and mall is a welcome Taichung addition and is already proving to be yet another local hotspot for meeting up and hanging out, whether it is a movie, shopping, entertainment or a bite to eat that you are looking for. –By Madeleyne Aguilar Andrade Translated by Anna Yang

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