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Tian Lai Hsing Yang Hang

From our archives, Compass Magazine, Jan. 2002

This boutique is filled with unique items mostly imported from Europe, such as European antique-style furniture, cabinets, kitchenware and eating utensils. Tian Lai Hsing Yang Hang also sells aromatherapy candles and herbal teas, all made with natural ingredients. The manager says that this store is not just about selling high-end products, but also hopes to promote health and environmental conservation. Other items include dried flower candles and glass ornaments from Spain, as well as cosmetic brushes from Italy. This store is a treasure trove for those who love high-end home furnishings and decorations. The atmosphere is comfortable and the staff is friendly, so it is easy to spend a lot of time here just looking at everything. From January, this store will start to carry clothing from Burberry and Tod’s. In addition, there is currently a 30%-off sale throughout the store.

5-1, Jing Cheng (Ching Cheng) Road

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