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Deja Vu

For any special occasions related to wedding, birthday, graduation or house-warming celebrations, a floral arrangement can be a fragrant, elegant gift. Although the lifespans of such items are usually short-lived, Deja vu offers real flowers specially treated to remain beautiful and colorful for years.
In September, 2016, Judy and Amber opened their “eternal flowers” business, which was also Taichung’s only florist located in a converted shipping container. Thanks to the shop’s success and popularity, they opened a second store in 2017 on a pleasant corner, promoting their decorations as helping “everybody feel free and unstressed”. They only work with high-quality Japanese products that have been processed through a series of fresh-keeping treatments. The result is “flowers that never fade”, which are at their most beautiful for one year but can be stored for up to three years.
Deja vu assembles and arranges all of the related elements to create unique final decorative bouquets, which cost approximately NT$3,000. In addition, customers how can learn how to create their own bouquets in classes (NT$1,500/person individual session; NT$1,000/person for group class) that include all the necessary items. –By Madeleyne Aguilar Andrade Translated by Anna Yang

西區美村路一段592-1號(總店) (04) 2375-3326
592-1, MeiCun Rd, Sec 1, West Dist (main branch)  
週一至六/Mon-Sat 12-8 pm,週日/Sun 11 am-7 pm

西區柳川東路二段183號(二店) (04) 2375-3326
183, LiuChuan E Rd, Sec 2, West Dist (LiuChuan branch) 
10 am-6 pm (週一休/closed Mon)

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