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Trendy and enduring: Jewelry making and metalworking in Taichung

The earliest accessories and decorations can be traced back to the Stone Age, when bones, mineral objects and shells are used. Modern-day Taiwan has been home to countless traditional shops–which mostly opened during the economic boom days in the 1980s–selling gold, silver and jewelry, mostly for gifts to celebrate weddings, newborn babies and senior citizens’ birthdays. However, with the passage of time, these have been joined by a new popular breed of businesses and creators focusing on the creation of contemporary designs and fashions to produce accessories that follow the latest styles, and even customize jewelry for special occasions. With such high-end and bespoke services, handmade metalwork and silver jewelry has become a growing local trend.
The following businesses are representatives of this growth, offering unique and vivid jewelry designs. Each creation is given its own unique life, with one-of-a-kind, non-replaceable handmade jewelry creatively designed to follow mineral grain patterns and other inspirations. These shops also offer a wide scope of other other items, including antique jewelry and inexpensive charms produced from natural materials.

陳星樺珠寶設計名店 S. Hua Jewelry
西屯區大墩十九街60號 (04) 2320-5809
60, DaDun 19th St, Xitun Dist
12-8 pm (週日休/closed Sun)

This shop offers jewelry design highlighting natural, childlike and graceful characteristics. The designer’s ideas are inspired by everything from an owl she saw when she was a child to Dutch windmills observed during her travels. She creates her unique jewelry from expensive gems and semi-precious stones, which are researched and identified by her husband to certify quality, trustworthy materials, colored gems, diamonds, emeralds and pearls for his wife to work with.

七柒金工 Chichic
中區中山路77號 (04) 2223-2107
77, ZhongShan Rd, Central Dist
1-9 pm (週一休/closed Mon)

The three founders here are all creators with contemporary metalworking backgrounds and strong creative ideas, and hope to promote the use of handmade items in everyone’s daily lives, thereby reducing the distance between artists and other people. Professional handmade jewelry/craft art lessons (by appointment only) are quite popular (NT$1,580-3,180 for 1.5-2 hours). This shop displays the handmade creations of many fine artists, including metalwork and porcelain-art, glass, wood and lacquer painting creations.

藏香經典首飾 Annesbijoux
西區中興一巷2號 (范特喜文創聚落)
2, ZhongXing 1st Lane (Fantasy Story
Green Ray development) (04) 2305-0502
1-8:30 pm (週二休/closed Tue)

The Great Gatsby” film portrayed the grandeur of the Jazz Age, evoking a feeling of nostalgia for a bygone era. Shop owners Eric and Anne collect patterns of fashionable 20th century jewelry from Chanel, Dior and other brands to inspire and create their own works. The majority of the inexpensive materials used by these jewelry designers is ore, amber and alloy. Countless stories lie behind these perfect works whose vintage inspirations provide wearers with a romantic charm.

磨樣 Mode Yang
霧峰區坑口里和平路17號 (光復新村) 0955-350-865
17, HePing Rd, Kengko Village, Wufeng Dist (Guangfu New Village)
週六、日/Sat-Sun 11 am-6 pm,
每週一、四採預約制/Mon & Thu by appointment
(週二、三休/closed Tue-Wed)

Located in Wufeng District’s Guangfu New Village, this shop focuses on the central concept of “making creative works with stone”. Two young designers came up with their own brand and produce beautiful creative works with crude ore. They carefully observe the grain patterns of this material and precisely cut and polish it, utilizing metalworking designs to transform plain stones into a brilliant masterpieces. Besides customized services, the designers can also renovate customers’ old accessories.

妃紗創意輕珠寶 Ficelle
西區民生路368巷2弄9號 (審計新村)
9, Lane 2, Alley 268, MinSheng Rd, West Dist
(Shengji New Village) (04) 2301-9013
11 am-7 pm

This shop designs jewelry with brass and other natural materials such as crystals, zircon and freshwater pearls. Its brand got its start with simple designs at a cultural and creative market, but now has expanded to a department store retail counter. This popular business offers a wide variety of reasonably-priced jewelry and accessories, which customers enjoy wearing because they’re modest, yet gorgeous. Besides its physical shop, Ficelle also has an online store offering customized creation services.

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