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Sun Set Coffee

Situated along the Dadu Blue Highway, this cafe is near hiking trails and the Wangaoliao Night View Park on top of Dadu Mountain and one of the best times to visit is around sunset, when great ocean views can be enjoyed. The cafe is also a nice spot to savor a cup of coffee or meal after hiking and biking in the area, and an excellent relaxing destination for couples and families. Its two-story building is covered with greenery and the interior has a simple industrial loft design. If you look out through the glass walls, you can take in the surrounding trees and natural surroundings, as well as the attractive evening views of the blue lights along the Dadu Blue Highway. Customers can choose from a variety of snacks such as handmade pizzas, burgers, onion rings, deep-fried food platters and grilled chicken wings, and drinks include a tartly-sweet sparkling wine with low alcoholic content (NT$120), Flower Tea, and Tea with Milk (NT$120-130/cold or hot).

(04) 2691-0236
51, HuaNan Rd, Dadu Dist
4 pm-12 am

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