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Hidden along quiet GongZheng Road, this cozy restaurant offers authentic Indian curry and other dishes. Including striking glass-bottle decorations on the front wall and the interior’s industrial-style design are part of the reason why shop owner Mr. Tsai and his Indian chef met and opened this shop together.
The menu includes various curry and naan bread choices, including the popular Cheese Naan, filled with aromatic cheese that melts in your mouth. If you’re a first-timer, Masala Curry (NT$200) is recommended, with its mildly-spicy and pungent mix of stir-fried onions and tomatoes providing a hearty meal. If you’re hoping to avoid anything spicy, Palak Curry (NT$200) and Korma Curry (NT$200) are a good fit. For heavier, stronger flavors, try Bhuna Curry (NT$200), similar to Masala Curry but offering crunchy peppers and cumin. Adding even more variety and authentic Indian flavors, there is the chef’s daily curry to please the palate. All four regular curry options can be enjoyed with various meat options–beef and lamb for NT$50 and chicken or pork for NT$30 extra–or vegetables (add NT$50).
Naan breads include Original, Garlic, and Butter (all NT$50) and Cheese (NT$80). Chicken Seekh Kabab and the traditional southern Indian dish Chicken 65 (both NT$180) are uniquely delicious with special sauces, too. A good drink to go with all this is the flavorful, mildly-sweetened Milk Tea (NT$50), exuding hints of ginger. The dining time limit per table is 1.5 hours when its crowded; making reservation during holidays recommended. –By Laura Xiao Translated by Anna Yang

西區公正路168號 (04) 2301-0857
168, GongZheng Rd, West Dist

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