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Wine Walk-in

This shop’s Chinese name is pronounced “jiu-jin”, with “jin” (寯) also meaning “to accumulate”, “handsome” and “outstanding”; in Cantonese, it sounds like “walk-in”. The cozy, artsy-feeling shop, stocking myriad wine and champagne selections, welcomes everyone, including wine connoisseurs, to gather here, chat about wines and purchase their favorites.
Hailing from Hong Kong, attractive owner Ms. Cow Li mainly focuses on Burgundy wines, as well as many classic champagnes and biodynamic wines. Her friendliness to customers extends to providing delicate gift-wrapping and card-writing services, transforming a bottle of wine into a charming gift item.

(04) 2310-4988
59, DaRong W. St, West Dist
2:30-9 pm

Don’t drink and drive

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