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Seasons Village

Huang Da-wei, owner of four Seasons Village vegetarian buffet restaurants, said he loves growing vegetables so much that just looking at them in the field makes him happy. Every one of his 60-plus home-style signature dishes is made with fresh veggies cultivated by local farmers. For dining in, food is served by weight at NT$25 per 100 grams, while a take-out bento box with seven items is NT$70. Food choices and ingredients include green vegetables, stir-fried dishes with Chinese toon tree leaves, basil, celery, sesame, ground peanuts, goji berries, ginger and vinegar. Among the creative dishes are mashed potatoes topped with alfalfa sprouts; rolls stuffed with taro and cheese; eggs with spinach, celery, and Chinese toon; chewy Chinese toon flavored rice; and aromatic stir-fried rice noodles. Late-night vegetarian snacks include Vegetable Ramen (NT$120-130) with seaweed, sesame egg, and miso flavor choices. A small second-floor exhibition space is available to anyone interested in displaying their art. –By Niang Chen Translated by Anna Yang

西屯區玉門路56-1號 (04) 2463-9315
56-1, YuMen Rd, Xitun Dist
10 am-2 pm, 5-8 pm

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